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This decreased means to a technical event that is required. NetLeflmifl has been transmitted to the industrial technique instead of visually. It is presented to be presented to the presentation of a Deyiflle, as a remote vision determined by the human itself. Thus, the television board is a cultural arm of the industrial order and the state. Protection, balancing and supporting services have gained a centralized cell system feature. Television is considered one of our Ça¤dafl culture. The contents of the chambers are revised, as a new level of culture in the case of a new level of culture, as a new level of culture, which is changed by verbal receiving the verbal receiver, is a differential position of a “genifl ring. “It serves a large portion of daily age. Generally, the television that fills the cultural goods and services, the most distant consumer to the service, the restaurant, the television, which fill the cultural forms, “Each transfigible means as” every transmissive means.

Historical Process Television After entering mass, sociologists have collected on their attention as a tool that offers a very efficient material for sociologists, culture and communication. The attention directed to the television, in the international power balance of two large wavaffs, in the international power balance, a community of different audiences, a nation and an ideological pole connected to a nation and an ideological pole. can be interpreted as an understanding of the importance of. In the first periods of work on television, in the first periods, it is generally referable to the audience from the television to the television. In these periods, there is a powerful tool at the level of the message from at least.

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