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All conditions at the beginning of Big Bang are also formation of the particles such as proton, neutron, the transformation of these particles to atoms such as helium, carbon, the amino acids of the amino acids are always conscious of the cells to the cells such as the hearts, brains. demonstrates the design. This point of view of the universe requires all of the coincidences from the universe. One of the biggest mistakes of man in the universe and herself is that the universe or itself is the work of coincidence. This perspective takes the universe and our own presence to see the aimless, or even nihilism is due to this point of view. If we understand that there is nothing consisting of coincidence work in the universe, we understand that our own existence is a purpose. This purpose is undoubtedly due to the purposes of the universe and our creative. Being aware of this will make us know that there is significant results in terms of both morality, and to know that life is meaningful.

In addition, if we fully assign the coincidence logic from our mind, all the products of humanity have been known from the beginning of the universe. For example, let’s handle the TV. Television has the head of the universe with raw materials used in the construction. The high temperature explosion at the beginning of the universe has formed atom-six particles, the processes in the stars and the stages in the world have made possible the existence of the television. The laws, such as the laws, sounds and images, such as the laws of electricity, such as the laws of electricity, are created from the first of the universe. To say that everything from the raw materials that form the television, everything was potentially created at the beginning of Big Bang. In short, God creates this beginning is also aware of all the potentials of which the beginning of this beginning.

So, all the explorations of humanity and the like are available in God’s knowledge from the beginning. If we understand that there is no chance in the Evry, we understand that every object in the Evry is present in the knowledge of every artwork, every scientific invention, all of the scientific invention, live and inhability) in God’s knowledge (in the plan). It is understood that coincidives from the universe, we begin to look at all the inventions and artistic works of humanity as “explore the potential to God’s universe”. The incidental perspective prevents seeing and hearing, such as a thick and a dark sack of people.

Ontological evidence, one of the methods of proving the presence of God, is different from the evidence that we are committed throughout this book. With this evidence, it is defended that a God is the concept of a God in every human being, and this is considered the evidence of God’s existence. In addition, with the examination of “asset” and “perfection” concepts, it is important for the presence of God’s presence in terms of ontological evidence. These evidence defended philosophers such as Anselm, ibn Sina, Descartes in different forms from each other.

Ontological evidence is discussed separately from the cosmological evidence and the objective of the cosmological evidence and the universe in the universe, which processes the design of the teleological evidence. I’m in the opinion of the ontological evidence, with an important contact with design evidence (teleological evidence). This liaison is particularly important in terms of some formulations of ontological evidence. Let Descartes summarize the ontological evidence formulation and to figure it out:

It is understood that the first substance is critical. Descartes tries to show the accuracy of this item with long narrations. According to Descartes, the artist has placed the name or brand of the artist, God has put the evidence of the existence into the human mind.

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